25/27 lifts made, Australian Records & PBs!

25/27 lifts made, Australian Records & PBs! 960 960 SIMON BERGNER - Strength Coach

I couldn’t be more proud of these three today!

25/27 lifts made, Australian Records and new personal bests.

Cris had a great day going 8/9 taking all 4 masters records.
Her day went 103/61/130kg.

Courtney went 8/9 putting 12.5 kg on her total and ticked off two of her long term goals of a 120kg squat and 150 kg dL. Going 120/62.5/152.5kg.

Dana had a perfect day going 9/9 taking the squat/deadlift and total record in her masters division – putting 10.5kg (rounded down to 10kg) on her total by going 170/70/173kg.

I’m proud of the way the ladies handled themselves today and the commitment they put into each and every session.

Thanks to Nick, Bec and all the Volunteers at Paragon today for running a smooth meet. Looking forward to coming back again!

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