For individuals who want a Strength and Conditioning coach to develop a structured plan to increase strength, movement efficiency and reduce injury.

After being involved as a Golf coach and Ski Instructor the past decade I know the importance of athlete development in the gym.

When I was coaching Golf at the highest level i knew athlete development wasn’t taken seriously enough. I changed this, even though a lot of sports are skill based I always knew being stronger, fitter and overall athletic couldn’t hurt an athlete’s career.

I’m willing to coach you in the gym to be the best athlete you can be. I’ll work with your coach to put a plan together that will bring up your weaknesses and solidify your strengths.


We will go through your training history (if applicable), figure out exactly what it is you want to achieve and where you want to get to and map out the plan and set the goals to get us there.


I am 100% invested in making a difference to your training and have genuine care and interest for everybody I work with. I will do my utmost to ensure your sessions are fun and engaging as well as delivering the results you desire.


I can also help with the nutrition basics to compliment your training as well as advice and support specific to your individual goals and targets throughout your time on the programme