For those individuals who currently compete in Powerlifting or are looking to compete in powerlifting in the future.


I offer coaching for both Raw and Equipped powerlifting. I believe the technical aspects of powerlifting are paramount to your development and longevity in the sport. Program customisation with a focus on technique optimisation is imperative in building a strong foundation. I will take into consideration your lifestyle, goals, injuries and all other factors that will allow you to succeed, guiding you one step at a time to reach your potential.

I will guide you one step at a time with my bespoke programs and coaching techniques


I am currently the Head Coach and High Performance Manager of the Australia Para Powerlifting team. In this role I am responsible for coaching the best para powerlifters in Australia who have worked from their journey of being beginners in the sport, progressing to the Commonwealth Games platform. I am also available to coach any other athletes who are interested in learning how to para powerlift or athletes who live remotely and want to experience the sport.

The passion for what I do is clear. I am 100% invested in making a difference to your training and have genuine care for everybody that I work with. I will ensure your programs are fun and engaging, whilst also delivering the results you require.

For individuals who want a Strength and Conditioning coach to develop a structured plan to increase strength, movement efficiency and reduce injury.


After being involved as a Golf coach and Ski Instructor the past decade I know the importance of athlete development in the gym.

When I was coaching Golf at the highest level i knew athlete development wasn’t taken seriously enough. I changed this, even though a lot of sports are skill based I always knew being stronger, fitter and overall athletic couldn’t hurt an athlete’s career.

I’m willing to coach you in the gym to be the best athlete you can be. I’ll work with your coach to put a plan together that will bring up your weaknesses and solidify your strengths.

Sport performance - Golf, Crossfit, Volleyball, Tennis, Rugby League


Get coaching and programming to help you develop your lifting and progress your numbers. We will cover your lifting background and history extensively in our first consultation. It is important for us to develop a good level of understanding with each other. Tell me your long term goal and together we will set some shorter term goals to achieve this. I will assess and analyse your three lifts, feedback will be provided and I will design your programme with all gathered information taken into account. We will stay in close contact throughout the process so I can provide the necessary support and advice to ensure your success.

My online coaching services are paid for with 1 monthly fee. I also provide single one time consultations and  4-6 week training programs.

Contact for more details. I am happy to speak with you in more detail about the process of online coaching and programming and answer any questions you may have.

Having an online coach with a personalized training programme based on your goals, schedule and ability will help you reach your goals. From weight loss, strength gain, to sports specific training, whatever your goal, we will create an individualized program to help you achieve them.