Simon is one of those rare individuals who is not only a great athlete, but an even better coach. He applies his first hand experience with his coaching knowledge in a way that is second to none, and that is one of the many reasons why he is a coach I actively seek out to assist me in any way I can.

He has been an integral part of me finally trusting my ability and believing in myself on the platform. His technical skills and ability to relate with not only myself, but numerous other athletes are one of his most potent assets.

If you’re after a coach to assist you on competition day, for online coaching/technical development or to help coach and develop you from the ground up, Simon is one of the few people I can guarantee you with excel with.

Cameron McKenzie World Junior IPF Deadlift record holder

I started training with Simon in August of 2013.  At this time, I had just run my first half marathon and sustained a back injury (bulging disc) due to over training. I was referred to Simon, for assistance in squatting as I was unable to get back to my general gym work as prior to my injury. When I first started training with Simon I was unable to back squat, had only ever benched with 6 kg dumbbells and hadn’t deadlifted before.

I am very fortunate to have Simon as my coach, he is selfless. Simon always gives me the time to discuss my ongoing goals and aspirations.  Simon has been to every competition I have ever competed in, he understands me and knows how to push me to reach my potential.

I can’t thank you enough Simon for all that you do for me and introducing me to a sport which has built my confidence, given me purpose and allowed me to have many great friends.

Jess Green

Simon Bergner is one of the hardest working and most talented powerlifting coaches I’ve had the joy of associating with. His energy and passion for all things strength, fitness and health coupled with his experience and raw knowledge make him an asset in anyone’s corner. I’ve seen him work with 14 to 80 year olds, novices to champions. He brings the best out in all that he works with. Personally, Simon has coached me numerous times at Australian Championships and to Australian Records in raw and equipped lifting. His support for my lifting has been phenomenal and I can’t thank Simon enough!

John Paul Cauchi The Strength Fortress

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Simon Bergner is a one off. A strength and fitness coach who has succeeded with athletes from beginner to elite in Golf, Skiiing, Martial Arts, Rugby, Powerlifting, you name it. Simon has coached at World Championships, at the Commonwealth Games and through the challenges of a thousand and one weekend athletes and fitness addicts.Simon is the man who can transform your health and performance, whatever your sport or your goal.

Robert Wilks Coaching Director Powerlifting Australia and World Powerlifting

I’ve been working with Simon for over a year now and the first thing that struck me about him was his passion. He spends his time making other people’s goals/ dreams happen.
Being a Paralympian, there are many exercises I struggle with, and instead of shying away from them, Simon as worked very closely with me to make the impossible possible. His knowledge and understanding shines through his athletes results and respect.
I look forward to continuing our training together, towards our goal of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

Kelly Cartwright 2012 Paralympic Gold Medalist

Simon has coached me in some of my most important competitions to date. With his help I have broken world records and performed at my best. He knows when to psyche me up and when to calm me down.

I always feel like I can trust him to choose the right numbers for me and he has a keen eye for what needs to be done to get me to lift the most. It’s hard to find a coach you can trust but I know I know I can just put my headphones on and do my job. He will sort the rest. I highly recommend him, he rocks!

Elizabeth Craven Australia’s Number 1 Powerlifter according to Wilks points calculator